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Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and Hydrotherapy

In case you needed another reason to incorporate hydrotherapy into your daily routine—beyond relaxation and enjoyment—here are the scientifically proven (and amazing) health benefits of a hot tub or hydrotherapy can provide.

benefits of a hot tub


Reducing stress is all about quieting your mind and letting relaxation take over. Hydromassage jets can help work out the tension that manifests itself in physical form. When combined with deep breathing and a calm setting, hydrotherapy can be your stress-free haven.

Recovery From Exercise

Immersing yourself in warm water, enhanced by the powerful massaging pulse of the jets, can relieve post-workout aches and pains and help release lactic acid (the cause of muscle soreness). You can even target specific areas like your legs after a long run or your shoulders after a day of weight training.

benefits of hot tub
hot tub health benefits

Why Hydrotherapy Makes You Feel Better™

  • Up to 104ºF - Hot water relaxing, promotes sleep by inducing drowsiness
  • 93ºF - 100ºF - Water at body temperature reduces tension, adding Epsom salt facilitates sweating to cleanse the skin and help eliminate lactic acid
  • 81ºF - 92ºF - Lukewarm water helps eliminate water retention
  • 65ºF - 81ºF - Cool water alleviates fatigue
  • Below 65ºF - Cold water aids muscle recovery from physical exertion

Hydromassage Soothes Fatigue

  • Relieves tension and prevents back strain
  • Energizes circulation after sitting for long periods
  • Promotes flexibility in hard-working calf muscles
  • Sends massaging warmth to joints and sore feet
benefits of a hot tub

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