Thurl Bailey


"To have that sort of time where you can talk to your kids and talk to your wife, and really get back on the same page without any electronic devices laying around It's awesome."


Trace Worthington is a two-time Olympican and U.S. Ski Hall of Famer, notorious for winning 37 World Cup victories, 7 world titles, 11 national titles and a total of 79 podium finishes on the FIS World Cup Freestyle circuit. As the most decorated male freestyle skier in U.S. history, he continues to hold the title of second in the world for the most victories in the history of men’s freestyle skiing competition.

Leonora Solid Surface Bath
J-585 upgraded backyard


Showcasing a stunning design and superior hydromassage, the J-585™ Hot Tub is the next generation of backyard luxury. Offering room for 6-7 adults, this model features a new PowerPro® FX Directional Jet designed to relieve tension and improve circulation in the hips, while a new PX Jet placement delivers a focused massage to key pressure points in the wrist.